Thursday October 19th, 2000

Oh yeah, two hours after my hypocondrical 30 days late inspired rant I got the familiar “owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” intialising cramp and then started bleeding, so yay, Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome avoided for another month. I figure my next period will be either 7.5 or 10 weeks late, following current trends, so that’s a pretty big freakout window. Sweet ass bro.

Right, enough ranting about periods, although it’s astonishing how perky I’ve been today and yesterday despite cramps, because I feel healthy. I’m also feeling popular – there’s no way I would have had the gall to try and co-ordinate a dinner of the size we’re co-ordinating when I was in high school. Apparently the boy I’ve had a mini crush on since first year who’s dropped out now is coming to the dinner, which makes me far happier than it really should. Now all we have to do is actually get money off people who keep promising to bring it in. There was a minute of minor freakout on my behalf today when i realised that our last day of ticket sales was supposed to be monday, which is of course Labour Day so we have to extend it to Tuesday, but it’s Maree that’s doing the smoozing phone call to the venue, so why am I worried? Did I mention yet that I’m disturbed at how many people are voting for me as “Gossip Monger” ? I won’t win it, but coming second is bad enough. Me, gossip? Never!

Oh lordy, I had the realisation today that I might very possibly get a bad reputation nationally for something that I don’t hardly remember, but I guess I brought it on myself. Ahh well, live and learn eh?

I’m learning Quest in Instructional Design right now, which is, of course, astonishingly enthralling. Multimedia Broadcasting, however, is more exciting because we’re planning our live broadcast, and Joe Fisher’s in our group now. We’re planning an explosive expose on the expo. Fantastic.

This evening no one could be arsed cooking, suprise suprise. Well actually Clayton was busy filming stuff around our front door, and consulting with Justin over his script. Justin called Brad out to talk to them, but I yelled at him (I’m brad’s agent, you see) and told him that Brad was tired from mowing our lawn and if he wanted to talk to Brad, he could bloody well come into the lounge. I hope it wasn’t anything important he wanted to say, cos I didn’t back down. Anyways, me Kate and Brad did a tag team effort on dinner – Brad bought milk, Kate made batter, and I cooked the waffles. It was a brilliant dinner, I tell you. Problem is, I had coffee with dinner, and then I had a v and gin afterwards (poor man’s vodka and red bull) so right now I’m really really really wired, and want to go to Dennys. But there’s no one to go with. I’m actually kinda offended Clayton didn’t ask me to help out in his video. Ahh well, fuck him, I don’t need him, I have my tiara. And pig tails.

So what else is new in my life? I finished “No Logo” by Naomi Klein and I so so so recomend you all go and grab yourselves a copy and read it – it was absofuckinglutely fantastic, one of the most interesting books I have ever read. I’m now reading the longest novel ever written – “A Suitable Boy” and so far it’s good. I’m not that far into it though, but I will be, eventually. Especially thanks to this caffiene buzz.

Oh, we finished our website! We’re in the process of testing it now, a truely thankless task, so if there’s anyone out there with a Mac, or any other odd computer settings who wants to take half an hour to lend me a hand, please email me and I’ll send you some details. Ta.

What else? Oh, the landlord’s doing an inspection tomorrow, and so Brad mowed the lawn today, which is very impressive, given what a jungle our lawn was – Kini can testify to that, even if Kini chose to go to Tonga instead of taking up my offer to camp in the wilds of our lawn. We’ve kinda tidied up a little bit – actually we attacked the garden just last week, because it was a lovely sunny day and I wanted an excuse to dress Urban Peasant (I ended up looking like a woman in ‘The Gleemers’ apparently, and I forget who that’s by). If I do the dishes in the morning, stuff should be cool, except I didn’t know there was a message from the landlady on the phone, so no one might be home when they come around – hopefully I can sort things out with her tomorrow morning. I have forums to go to and pimping to do tomorrow, the boys are filming Clayton and Justin’s thingies, and Kate – well, who ever knows with Kate?

Brad: “When am I going to learn that you’ll always call my bluffs?”

Too much caffiene, too much too much too much. I’ll stop this here eh, before it gets even more gutteral. Oh! Conversation overheard in the lift today – a girl and a guy raving to their friend about how good Coyote Ugly was. And they were serious too. Good lord, what is the world coming to?????

“i’m being talked into seeing coyote ugly – help me joanna help help me joanna”

“I was going to make apple crumble but then I thought about how long it would take to peel all those potatos and then have to throw them out because that’s not how you make apple crumble

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