Saturdday October 21st, 2000

hehhehehe excuse me while I giggle some more. Brad and I have just finished playing Truth or Dare. It was highly entertaining. The difference between us is that he has a hard time thinking of things to ask me that he doesn’t already know, and I have a hard time knowing what surface to scratch at. He made the point that we’re really really different from each other, but I listed all tht ehings we have in common, which is basically televidion and our own special alanguage, so that’s pretty cool. He’s fun to play with. We were mostly playing Truth, and not Dare, because it was cold outside,a nd I wasn’t too willing to set myself up for anything too mental, because he knows I call his bluffs so he woulda set me some crazy ass challeneges if I’d chosen Dare. A ctually tho, I only chose Dare twice, and one of those was “go onto the lawn, take your top off and yell ‘I’m the king of the world’ ” – and so I did that easily, because how hard is that, especially when it’s dark on the lawn and not even he would have seen. The other was “email that guy and tell him you want to shag him again” and I was like “no way, I don’t want to, and I’m not going to open up that can’o worms again”. See, there are things that even I won’t do. Althoyhg the only Truth question I couldn’t answer was “Name the saddest thing that’s ever happened in your life”. Most of the questions were very very very easy to answer “Who was the best shag?” – hmm, let me think about that one for not even a millionth of a second. And yes I know who my bridesmaids would be! OOOOOOOOOH! Penny rang me today – she’s been in Canada. It was SOOOOOOOOO good to hear from her. She told me this chick Irena who I havent’ spoken to since 7th form sent her email telling her I was a lesbian – go figure.

Before that, earlier thsi morning, our landlady came around. She wanted us to keep the garden neater and clean out the anteroom, suprise supirse. She had baby twins – I want some!@ Later when no one was home, I went and laid on the lawn in t he sun in just a slip, soaking up some UV mmmm melanoma and reading ‘A Suitable Boy’.

This evening, I went with Kate B to a bbq at her aunt’s house on the North Shore, because her parents were staying there, and they’re kinda my parents too. Her dad would really fit best in a 1940s film, in a hat and suit, and a martini constantly in his hand. It was nice, getting a proper dinner, salads and all, and I really love Tim and Barb. It’s so cool how both Kate and I get on sooo much better with our parents now than we did as stroppy teenagers. Yay us. Barb told me off for traumatising Kate out of singing ever – oh well! At least I apologised for the whole red dress fiasco. I had a big argument with Tim about me asking what the wine was before I confirmed whether or not I wanted a drink. But then Kate and I left when they started watching the rugby – scary!

I came home and rang back Karen cos of a message on our answerphone. So we nattered for a bit, and then Bradley came home, so I went to play with him. Saturday nights are our Play Nights, basically. We got glasses of red wine, and started pla.ying cards, but neither of us knew all the rules to any games, and it kinda sucked, so we decided to do some more painting instead. I painted some folders, he painted his comedy book, and then we finished off the bear. Only, we had no more brown paint, so I tried to mix some up, and the bear ended up kinda half purple. Still, ti’s a slut bear, so that’s kinda appropriate, right? Slut Bear, Purple bear… etvc etc. Then clayton came home wityh some weird TV people, so Brad and I went to help Brad try on Kate B’s clothes (there was a point, really). he refused to let me make him over, so he made me over instead. hang on, where are the photos?

Okay, admittedly only one of those photos is me. He didnt’ do too bad a job of my makeup though, apart from breaking my favourite blue wine glass in the process. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, those were from japan, and they were fucking excellent. But I guess I shouldn’t get too attached to possessions. No really i shouldn’t. After the makeovers, we went on the net to look for Midget Porn, but found suprisingly little. Clay’s friends left, but clay felt too sick to play with us, whioch is how we ended up playing truth or dare, and that was fun, yes. What e;lse? Friday schmyday, I donb’t wanna write about that. I wrote in my redbook today for the first time since I left Australia, but I was so busy writing a 10 point synopsis of what’s happened since then, I had no time to add ress any currnet sissues. I knida lied to Brad when eh asked if Zi had a crush on anyone right now, but nah, I think I don’t want boy anymore cos of complications and stuff, so that’s not really a lie. I’m saving myself for marriage and littlre brown babies! Cough cough um no. Woah, my eyes really hurt – that’s rpobaby a sign that it’d be a good idea to go to bed right about now.

“I have a cock in my mouth!” – Popular Kate

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