Monday October 23rd, 2000

So I’m at the TV studio now, not actually sitting and typing at my computer at home – but I guess I’m doing that too now. Woah, how freaky-deaky is that? Pretty trippy huh? Absolutely!

Sorry, I haven’t slept that much. No actually, I guess I did – 2-11 is pretty decent. I guess last night wound up pretty early. Why Joanna, what ever did you do last night? Ate. Let’s start at the begining.

Yesterday being Sunday and all, that meant that the Sunday lunch was on. Brad made us all toasted bagels. Well, by all I meant me and Brad and Clayton and Justin, because Kate B had to work. Justin’s such a freeloader, man! I’m sure him and Brad used to go be funny at JUSTIN’S house, but now he’s always @Garland. He likes to soak up our “savvy” atmosphere. Apparently. I bummed around for ages after lunch, Brad and I playing Married Couple sharing the sunday paper. Tabloid Tabloid Tabloid. Later when Brad got home from his parents’ house, and Clay got home from umm the beach, we all piled into my car, and went to the service station to pump up my tires. Wow, it’s actually really really astonishing what a difference a little air makes to how hard or easy it is to steer my car. I wouldn’t shut up about it. Then we went to Liquorking for (discounted) wine, the supermarket for bits and pieces, and the vege store for capsicums. Thrilling. You see, we were having our Survivor Dinner, and it was about fucking time too. Clayton, as one of the losers, was making Roast Capsicum Soup. Justin, as another of the losers, was making Vegetable Lasange, and Kate B, as the other loser, was making ambrosia for dessert. That is, if she ever got home.

Anyways, so Justin showed up, and proceeded to take over the kitchen after making us all drink Pims. I tidied the lounge some more, as we were expecting more company after Dinner because Brad and Justin’s first radio play was due to be played, and people were coming over to listen to that. Kate Benton rang and said she’d be home by 6.45 at the latest. Mmmhmm. That was a bad thing, because we were expecting people to start arriving by 7.30, and as they weren’t contenders in Survivor, they weren’t supposed to be part of the Survivor dinner. Kate rang back and asked and begged and pleaded if Johnno could come to the dinner too. After having yelled at Clayton lots last time he invited Kara when he wasn’t supposed to, it was a really hard call to make, but I, strangely enough, am fairly sympathetic to girls with boyfriends who are prone to enormas bouts of sulking, so when no one else objected, Johnno was given the go-ahead to attend, since he was also promising to bring more wine.

7pm arrived but Kate didn’t. Everything was ready, and I’d set the table beautifully – well, as well as I could given that we’re a student flat and not my parents’ house. I rang Kate at Johnos around 7.15 and she said she’d had a glass too many of wine, and was just chilling out a bit before she drove over. Robyn and Analise actually showed up before Kate and Johno, so we banished them out to the patio and sat down to enjoy the dinner, once Kate finally showed up.

And what a fabulous dinner it was, too! Mmmmmm, all the food was absolutely lovely, the company was divine and it was just all good. “Kama Hope” was funny, and all that good stuff, so yeah. Todd never showed up – apparently his car broke down. We were hoping that he’d show up at 7.30 exactly like he said he would, as Justin had said he’d eat his hat if Todd was actually on time. I really would have liked to see that. Kate Morrison showed up, however, and went to the patio too – not that we’re mean or anyhting. We made Johnno pretend to be Maree, as she was in hamilton and unable to attend, although she’d been a winning Survivor as well.

After dinner, despite having heinously full bellies, there was some dancing in the hallway, as per usual. Kate and Johnno were disgustingly sweet and even slow danced to Creed – awwwwwwwwww. I like Johnno cos he bought me pringles later – I’m so easy to please. Everyone ended up on the patio later, and we had really cool discussions about lots of stuff. Brad and I chortled a lot when Johnno was like “I can’t tell if you guys actually like Creed or not, because I saw you singing along with gusto, yet you keep making them the butt of your jokes.” Johnno and I argued about “Chasing Amy” some, because he thought the girl in it was a really strong character, but I disagreed. Clayton piked really early, closely followed by Kate M and Brad, then the girls went home. I stayed up drinking yet more red talking to Kate B and Johnno and Justin, but eventually, I was pretty tired too, so I went to bed. It’s kinda exhausting being with a couple who are so cute together, even if they’ve had their ups and downs.

Today I feel good and not hungover, although I’m starving but locked in the TV studios waiting for them to finish their rehersals so I can pimp to them. I will end this now and go read the herald, i think


“I have a cock in my mouth!” – Popular Kate

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