Right now I’m like 700km away from where I was the last time you heard from me, and you probably had no idea that i was flying back to Auckland today. Bless snap decisions and also online booking for freedom air. KateB said that she probably wasn’t going to drive back up to Auckland until Sunday,and I couldn’t wait that long because I have stuff to do up here. And so I flew. And so here I am. And my computer is sitting on a box and I’m lying across my bed, because suprise suprise, no further work has been done on my room. Maybe I should get drunk so that tomorrow I can have a hangover, because that way I’m bound to get woken up by tradespeople. But then again, I had a semi hangover this morning, mostly due to an intense lack’o sleep, so maybe not.

Last night I got a txt message from Ayna saying “we shd jst get a bottle and get fckd at hm like the old dayz” and so that’s what we did. It makes me laugh that “the old days” that she was referring to was Christmas/New Years, but she meant it in that sense. So we drank vodka and gossiped and talked and talked and talked and eventually she made me go into town. We went to Jet Lounge but then realised that neither of us actually wanted another drink (i know, strange!) so we went home and crashed out instead. Her bed is really short, plus she woke up a couple of hours later and couldn’t get back to sleep, and since I was sharing her bed, I couldn’t sleep either which was really annoying. Around 6am she went to play on her decks and I finally managed a couple of hours sleep, only to dream about being woken up by my mother calling to find myself covered in paint. Odd.

Eventually my mother really did call, and Anji picked me up and took me home so i could shower and nap and pack. Then Mum droppped me off in town so that i could have lunch with Hulita. We had Malaysian at Roti, and the roti was reaaally yummy. And then it was off to the airport with me.

I’m really hot and itchy now, so I might stop writing. Excellent.

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