You can’t have your cake and eat it too

So, I’ve discovered the best nightclub in town, bar none. There’s no dress code. There are no wankers. There’s no one bumping into you or looking at you funny. The music is a perfect blend of hiphop, electronica and other random stuff thrown in just to make it fun. It’s convienently located in town and you can dance in your bare feet because it’s carpeted. There’s plenty of access to free water,and there’s couches for resting on, and even showers and beds too if you need. No one looks twice at you if you run your hands all over yourself because your pill makes it feel extra nice. It’s called My Lounge. But most of you probably wouldn’t get in. Sorry.

Friday morning me and Jinan met our mentor and interviewed her and she must have been very effective because much later that evening when I found myself in a bullshit conversation with someone I was able to completely repeat everything that she had told me and believe in what I was saying too, so that was amusing. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What else did I do during the day? Hmmm. I napped, because 8am classes are no fun.

Friday night I got another call from Brad-My-Fiance; he was drunk again and wanted to tell me again that he loved and missed me and was coming up to Auckland soon. I told him that i wasn’t sure if I could still marry him because I was in a man hating mood, but then again, I am a sucker for anyone who tells me that they worship me. I drove to KateM’s house, and we took a taxi together to Justin’s flatwarming. Of course, we got dropped off too early so we wandered the streets of Sandringham for ages because there was some kinda conspiracy where none of the houses had letter boxes with numbers on them,but eventually we got there.

I ran out of beer waaay too early and found myself trying to make conversations with people I didn’t know – well, alternating between doing that and standing in a corner by myself. There were actually a lot of really nice people there but I dunno – I felt a little weary of the whole polite chitchat thing so eventually I just started insultingpeople and starting conversation that way. I really liked the people who took it in the spirit that it was intended and started psychoanalyzing me on that basis. The other party highlight for me was dancing to Fur Patrol with KateM and thinking about boys who like the song Loaded (where are you???). At the end of the night there was a lot of standing around on the driveway waiting for taxis that never came and so I went to town with Nick and Megan who I met at Octoberfest and we played pool, and that was cool. I suck really badly at it though, and also, some fucking moron at the table next to us asked me if I’d come from a 5th form party, so I was like, “yeah thanks for that”.

Saturday morning/noonish, I was sitting sheeted at the dining room table reading the paper when Ben decided to try and convince me that I should go and have drinks with him down at his work. I was like “aaaargh”. I’ve decided that it’s worth the $3000+ dollars that I’m paying for my ‘education’ just so that I can have the yearlong excuse of “having to study” every time I need it. He told me that I need to go out more often and meet more people and so I was like “I went to a party last night! I’m going to another one tonight! What more can you ask of me?” He said I needed to meet a nice boy or girl, and so I told him that I was engaged to a guy in Wellington. When Ben asked why I wasn’t with that guy then I said that he was moving in in two weeks time. He was suprised but I’m worried that he completely believed me. Sucker.

Later that evening I slathered on silver eyeshadow cos I intended to sparkle and dance, and went off walking down K’Road to KatieH’s house. I had to go via the bottleo and then after that, there were no taxis on my side of the road and I was almost at Great North Road before I had the clever idea of crossing to the other side. Duh. Anyways. So once again there was lots of talking to people I didn’t know, and being bailed up in corners by people who claimed that I’d met them previously the week before and “you were really trashed then”. Ahuh probably, but that doesn’t mean that you can invade my personal space, freak. I took my leftovers from Welly that I’d brought back in my bra, because I was curious to see what it’d be like in a non-danceparty environment. Suffice to say that I spent a lot of time stroking the skin on my hands because it felt really nice. When I told Justin he started stroking my face and so I was like “aaaaaargh”. Note to the world: I have a very erogenous face. Don’t touch it unless you mean to start something. Pretty much everyone had left at that stage so I called a cab and went home via Kingsland to drop off Tasha (see, I have no problems in walking home by myself from wherever, but it’s completly not okay for anyone else to do it!) And then at home I danced by myself in the lounge for ages and ages, it was excellent. Then I had a cold shower and wanted to listen to Beth Orton like I always do whenever I’m coming down, except that I don’t have my Beth Orton cd right now (grrr!) but Jeff Buckley was a fine substitute.

Today I was completley and utterly drained so I stayed in bed til about 5. I didn’t really have anything to do, so why not? Tomorrow I will finally have to go and retrieve my car from Mt. Eden and also get tampons since I’ve started on the bleed again (yay regularity!). And I might also do some actual study instead of just saying that I have to, although that could be stretching things a little. Sleep now! Hopefully Ben and his maurauding friends won’t be too loud if they come back again from going out after the Chemical Brothers concert.

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