hard work

<!– So, news coverage today focused on 9/11 commemorations in New York.  It’s been six months, which means that I’m officially off Fluox.  I still have some pills left over (in fact, I suspect that I might actually have a whole month left over that I should pick up from the pharmacy, due to my slackness in taking things daily – I really should investigate this and then sell them to my friends who think antidepressants help with comedowns) but that’s beside the point.  Apparently I am no longer crazy.  Oh sorry, excuse me, I was never crazy, just depressed.   Remember, my quality of life depends on you, or something like that –>

I smell something burning but I can’t figure out what. I’vebeen checking the stove and various electrical fittings and all, but I can’t findanything out ofthe ordinary. Odd. Also, go HERE and join my notify list. I guess that’s not related to burning things (unless it was a “To: list@hubris.co.nz – Hi! My house is burning down. The smoke is filling my hallway and I think my skin is puckering from the heat. The electricity hasn’t shorted out yet, but I’m sure it will. How far down do you think three stories is in terms of broken bones? Cough cough. Ohh, my legs are on fire, it’s climbing my bod….” Sorry,is that poor taste? <!– because really, I taste excellent. –>) but it is on my mind, so there you go. Don’t ask me what I’ll send to the notify list,but I’msure it’ll be all sorts of exciting treats.

Today I spent two and a half hours after a lecture working on my Com Strat with Jinan. I’m still confused about the differneces between objectives, strategies and tactics as defined by the PR World (Maz – any thoughts?) but we’re pretty much done with our first assignment. I think we were helped a great deal by the fact that our mentor was super efficient in the information she gave us. It made me feel good to work hard like that. I was also happy that the sandwich place in the Imax building has gone back to having sundried tomato paste instead of actual sundried tomatos. Advacado, tomato, carrot, cucumber & sundried tomato paste in that order on rye swirl bread and a takeaway cappachino and I’m a student all over again. Of course, I’ve done no studying this evening but hey. I did bake a banana cake which grrrr Clay’s taken a big chunk out of without asking. Plus Kara (grrrrr!) was around this evening like an hour before he got home (apparently she doesn’t like walking to our house from the hundred metres away bus stop in the dark) so I had to offer her some, and that just really bugs me. I know you think this sounds petty, but none of you have to live with her, do you Katie? NO! And if you did, you’d be smart like Anji and Daniel and dislike her too.

I got someone else’s email yesterday because of the lack of current @hubris forwards right now, and in it someone else had described me as “a dope-as chick” and that just made me smile and smile for ages. Is that up there with “your hair is choice” ? Probably not quite, but it’s certainly better than “I exist to get your pants off” (Note to self: update lines page). Yes, I know I’m far too easily pleased – although then again, there are people who would argue that I’m far too picky (“what? you want someone you can actually have a conversation with? what the fuck is up with that?”).

I’m going to have to move the dining table into my bedroom real soon if there’s no sign of carpet laying happening, because I very much doubt that my desk could handle being assembled and then disassembled and reassembled again. This whole sitting on the ground thing is waaaay overrated. Fuck the Japanese(oh wait hang on a minute, didn’t I already? <!– he had shaved testicles which I presume were an attempt to make his cock look bigger –>)! Even if I put zabuton in here instead of a folded up duvet to sit on, it’d still be too uncomfortable for the long periods of time that my upcoming essays will require.

What else? I’m restless again and considering going for a drive, except that I’ve been north recently, and I don’t want to go souther than Greenlane, and I’ve never really been West, and to go East I’d have to go South, and besides, what is there to do out East? I did the supermarket shopping yesterday so it’s not like I can go do that (although I could replace all my food that Ben’s managed to eat since I bought it – grrr, I am SO angry that I’m tempted to leave a louise-esque note for him – he always does this and I’ve asked him many times before not to). I miss KatieB like mad. I hope it’sall going well for her down there (emailme, bitch!). (I’m very much in a brackets mood tonight)

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