• Clay’s and my new catchphrase is “me and you is gonna dance like you ain’t never danced!” Jerry Springer is evil.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that this flat is actually a timeshare – Clay gets the mornings, I get the evenings and ben gets the very late nights to be home/awake in.
  • Six hours at tech today, trying to work in my PR office except that I kept getting distracted by having to send faxes to KateH. (really)
  • Pumpkin & Aubergine curry stacked in the freezer now as the result of domestic feelings today. Along with the blackbean aubergine& bokchoy noodles I made yesterday and the pumpkin-tomato pasta I plan for tomorrow and you get a girl who’s actually eating her veges. Add to that the salad-based sandwiches and juiced things with ginger in them from Imax and maybe you’d be close to accusing me of being healthy!
  • Oh yeah, why exactly am I writing in bulletpoints instead of paragraphs? I can’t remember.
  • There was other stuff too, but somehow I doubt that it was important. I am so loving being a student again, although it does still feel weird that all my old friends are working people, just like it felt weird when Iwas the first person to get a job, and then another job. I’m gradually making friends back at tech now (the other reason why I didn’t get much work done in my two hour break) but they’re not on the same level.
  • Unless your name has a t in it somewhere, you probably don’t actually have any idea what’s going on in my life right now.
  • Clay’s so adamently protective of me, it’s really cute how grrr he gets when I talk about people who’ve recently been in my circle of influence.
  • I get to have super intelligent debates 4/7 days’o the week now, so anything else is just a super bonus.
  • St. Patricks’ Day on Sunday. I hope I can go out drinking with a wide circle of friends on the day. Last year when Iwent out with KateM we both had a blast (I think) but later she told me that she felt like I was the popular one that night. Me, popular? Excellent! Like, not in theway that I wanted her to feel down or anythijng, but I am just so used to being ‘the best friend’ if you know what I mean. I have many many complexes <!– hence when I take boys home on nights that Kateb has been out with me and they’ve ignored her  to heap praise and kisses  on me makes them extra special –>. I have since passed my “doing stupid things in order to have a crazy but-entertaining-for-others life crown onto someone else (only her and I know who I am talking about), but I’m sure there’s still a little fun to be had anyways <!– I’m in a bit of a bad spot now though in that having scored someone I could really like I don’t ever want to score someone I couldn’t like again, but that particular boy has also reminded me why it’s a bad idea to score someone I could like.  So what do you do? –>.
  • Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. One of my classmates in Persuasive Communication delivered a speech today on how cellphones are taking our liveso ver for the worse, and she’s so right! I’m always looking for mine, waiting for that ever important txt or whatever. And don’t evenget me started on the whole being with someone who’s on their cellphone thing! Everyone should just chill out and turn them off every once in awhile. Everyone that is,except me. I mean, I might get a better offer any minute, you never know….
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