gotta dance

After that lame friday night, my weekend has actually kicked a lot of ass. Well, kinda anyways. Friday night I couldn’t sleep at all; I was still awake at 7am, but it still freaked me out completely when I woke up at 5.15pm. I mean, it was like the sleep of the dead – normally I’d wake up a couple of times and just be too lazy to get up, but this was deep sleep all the way, to the point where I actually had terrifying nightmares right before I woke up. Ultra freaky. But anyways. Once I had suitably recovered, I set up making plans for myself, and eventually I had Maree pinned down to go out.

She showed up looking fucking hot, and proceeded to drink Ben’s vodka leaving him rude notes in the freezer (“I drank your vodka – tell someone who cares; Maree”). We drank and talked and laughed. I gave her a wrist massage which made her make funny O faces, and I did her eyeshadow over twice, and eventually we set out to town. Because she was so very sexy (which was all her boots, and not her at all, really) we got honked at a lot walking to K’Road, which started getting just a little ridiculous. When a car honked as we were crossing Pitt Street, I spun around ready to give them a piece of my mind. Of course, it was Justin driving to his mid-dawn shift, so I didn’t get to yell abuse after all.

We had a couple’o drinks at The Supper Club, but it was really empty, so we went to Lumiere, which was swish and stylish, but only one drink long. ANd then we went to 76, which was also pretty empty – so empty that we even managed to get a booth. The booths there are fucking HUGE – like if the booths in Deschlers are big enough for a frolic, the ones at 76 are big enough for an orgy. But by then Maz was hungry, so we walked all the way down the hill to Oporto. Crossing Queen St to Deschlers, some crazy taxi honked and yelled at us and we were like “grrrrrrrr” until my cellphone rang and it was KateH saying it’d been her in the taxi. Then we went up to Deschlers where we drank orgasmic cocktails called Honeycombs. After that, we were both quite quite drunk and more than a little tired, so we staggered up the hill to see Justin at his mid-dawn. Up in the studio they have really high spinny aroundy chairs and I had so much trouble trying to get mine to stay still for long enough for me to get on it. Another friend of Justin’s also came up who claimed he’d met me a couple of times before, so I was like “umm ok”. I hate people who remember me when I never remember them. Eventually I had to stagger home and I think i fell asleep pretty quickly.

See, the way I wrote all that up, it sounds very dry and not that entertaining, but really, it was one of the best nights i’ve had in aaaaages and ages, and yeah, it just kicked a lot of ass. Cool.

Today I was jolted out of sleep by KateM calling my cellie to see if I wanted to go to the beach. I was dazed and vague and couldn’t figure out if I was hungover or not, but half an hour later, after I’d lazed around for a while, I called her back and said that yes I did. I even shaved my legs. When I got to her house, she was sitting on the couch on the front porch, lazing around listening to Lazy Sunday and it was just so mellow that we stayed there for ages and ages, hanging out and chilling. It was lovely. Then we both got cravings for Ice Cream Sundaes, so we drove out to Royal Oak and went to Ollies. I don’t think they’ve changed the decor in there since it was built in the sixties. It made me wanna do rock’n roll dancing, ala that place they always go to in Happy Days. Yeah. And then cos it was a sleepy lazy kinda day, and cos they had it, we watched The Princess Diaries. Scott cooked dinner and then I went home. Cool. It too was a really excellent time, it’s just so nice spending quality time with my bestest friends, gossiping and talking and just hanging out.

And I think saturn5 is down right now, cos neither hubris nor swinney will load, so I might go watch tv or read Less Than Zero again. I read it once when I was 14 I think, and all that stuck in my head about it was that they watched snuff movies, but then I saw it at KateM’s, and asked if I could borrow it, and she was like “it’s an awful depressing book and I don’t want it in my house anymore” so I took it. I think it’s Brad’s. But he’s in Whakatane, so how can he stop me?

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