January 26, 2003

So it’s Anniversary Weekend in Auckland right now, which means that I have the day off tomorrow, which means that i’ll probably spend a large chunk of the day rolling around in bed with Sebastian, and reading ‘The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay’, although unfortunately, I’m quickly running out of pages left. It’s a great fucking book, and it reminds me a lot of ‘Carter Beats the Devil’ which was also excellent.

When did I last update? My job is still bliss, I’m writing all the copy for the first issue and I’m rocking at it. Plus I have my first feature story on the go now as well. The whole office had brainstorming sessions on Friday morning, and then semi team building exercises that consisted of putting up our new tent, and then we were all taken out to lunch at the Mexican Cafe. Note to self: Mexican chilli oil is HOT, and is not at all like ordering thai or Indian as ‘Hot’. Oh no. This is the red liquid of death, so I was unable to finish my meal. But I was still overflowing anyways, and drunk off two coronas. Luckily, we had the afternoon off afterwards, so I went home, and was dazzed enough to let Megan talk me into going to the pet store with her, hence why I am now the loving mother to a tiny little kitten called Sebastian. He is so sweet! He is so gorgeous! He is going to be completly loved to death! Peter came over later to see the kitten and to hang out, and umm what else did I do? Probably polished off the last of the Anne’o Green Gables books I borrowed off Nikki. Is it totally wrong of me to be picturing Anne and Gilbert having sex? I guess so. How VULGAR of me. Heh. That’s KateH’s and Nikki’s and my new catchword.

On Saturday there were huge big thunderstorms and rain in the morning which made it perfect weather for reading and catcuddling in bed. KateH came over and joined us, and then Nikki rang so I invited her over for the evening. KateH left to go home for a nap as soon as Nikki showed up, bringing with her a couple of bottles of wine and a lot of beer. So she and I sat down to start drinking and talked our jaws off. KateH came back in time for the spinach soup and of course we all called each other vulgar a lot. Eventually we were sitting in the ballroom and KateH went to go change the tape (Ammy has her cd player with her in Welly) and she found an old “Sounds of Garland” tape, and so of course she put that on, and so of course we got up and shook our collective booty. Eventually Katie put on her suit and slunk out the back door for another function, and Nikki and I stayed up talking and drinking more til I had to tuck her up on the couch with a bucket at her side. That’s what friends are for.

In the morning’o today, Nikki went and picked up Kate from her house so she could pick up her car, and the two’o them helped me dump the big couch out on the back porch. Nikki also filled my car battery with distilled water, and apparently it might even work now, once I get someone to jump start me. Hmmm, i think Sebastian has mountainclimbing urges. He’s perched on my shoulder now, clawing at my hair. You go little kitty, you go. Oh, we also have a washing machine now, rented at $36 a month which is much cheaper and more convient than laundromat fees. Now I can think about getting a tv. Our house is totally a home now. Bop’s had her mail directed here and she’s coming up next week. I am filled with glad tidings.

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