January 30, 2003

I handcoded our entire event website today. Well, the design was done by someone else, and I modified it – and emailed the webdevguy at my old work about five times to tell him that I was doing my site all in UPPER CASE and he could suck my cock. I wrote all the copy for our first magazine. I have the number of the manager of my favourite New Zealand Music group. Fuck I love my job. I even ate lunch at my desk today cos I was keen to get more work done.

We had nine people in our house last night – me and Seb, Megan, Jonny and Ting, Ammy and Darren, Bo and Leo and Allison and Louise, and yet it didn’t feel at all crowded. I HAVE MY BO BACK! Fuck I feel good today.

Shit man, it’s like the Bic Runga song – something good has come my way. And so maybe my heart is taking on retro stylings, but it don’t bug me at all. And sure, Seb pooed on my bed again this morning, but with every stroke I feel my blood pressure dropping. Oh and Louise just topped up my glass, what a gem.

Oh yeah, but I guess I should remember that there’s a mad man with his finger on the nuclear button. Well hey – I have flat feet, so the army won’t call me up.

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