Midweek Stopover & What’s Coming Up.

Okay, so I’m going to try to write an update that isn’t purely about how drunk I got on the Friday night.

So like, this stuff happened and it was cool.

Oh no wait, it wasn’t! Ha HA, the joke’s on me. I got sick again on Monday night like I was on Saturday, so I took Tuesday and Wednesday morning off work. I did however go out for dinner with my daddy on the Tuesday night, cos I was sick and sad and felt in desperate need of some decent food, and I was too sick feeling to go out and buy vegetables. Then last night I went to Catch with Anji and Karen. Conveyor belt sushi is mesmerising, even if you’re not eating it.

At work we’ve changed servers and it’s all fucked up and there was a couple of days where my email address was joanne.mcleod before I realised and complained. That makes me mad. I should be working right now but I can’t print or send attachments and since I haven’t got back all my old emails yet i haven’t got my contacts and it’s all fucked up and grr. Stupid computers.

In good happy computer news, you will have noticed that you’ve now got the ability to log in to Hubris and post comments, so I would like to strongly suggest that you do this. The login screen will ask you for your postal address – now you don’t have to give me this, if you’re like, averse to people hanging out in bushes in front of your house and stuff, but I would heartily recommend that you give it some thought, especially if you can be reached by postal box. I am rather generous with the mailing out of goodness. When I get to somewhere ftp-able, I will be taking off the “first five people to sign up” line though, cos that’s long gone (you love me, you really love me, etc).

Tonight I am going to a quiz night with my daddy and his workmates. Joy! It might be fun, you never know. I don’t think I have any definate plans for the weekend, so please feel free to invite me to do something. I do, however, have exciting travel plans coming up – on December 1st I will be driving up to Auckland for three nights, and then on Saturday 4th I will be driving to Hamiltron and staying two nights then driving back to Welly on the 6th. If you’d like to accompany me for any of these legs of the journey, or see me in those cities, please feel free to drop a comment and let me know. THEN! I’m probably going to come back up to Auckland on the 16th of December for the Pulp Xmas party which I am tremendously full of “whatever am I going to wear?”ness of. Haha the English language is so my bitch and I will twist and molest it however I choose to. My boss told me off for saying “less wallplanners” today. When I realised what I had done I felt very very ashamed.

Television events that I am excited about: Australian Idol tonight and tomorrow – if Casey gets voted off, which she probably will, I will cry. If Anthony gets voted off, I will scream in joy and be extra nice to everyone. Also I am excited every day about coming home to a glass of Vanilla Absolut & sodawithatwist and watching my taped Gilmore Girls episode.

Here’s my parting thought for the day: wouldn’t it be cool if we had all had an extra mouth? I mean, you know, we have sexual organs that we can wank ourselves, but what if you don’t want to go all the way and you’re alone? What if you just want a nice kiss? Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could kiss yourself? I’d never leave the house.

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