Ten Reasons Why The Gilmore Girls is My Current Favourite Show

  • 1. The fact that TV2 is showing reruns of episodes I never saw first time round every day at 1pm.
  • 2. Dialogue that is like a cross between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The West Wing – really really fast paced and really really witty and peppered with pop culture references – see below.
  • 3. Sly injokes, like when Lorelai tries to explain how she just made a Dirty Dancing reference to her mother – the actress of whom also happened to play the mother in Dirty Dancing. That’s as cool as Pacey saying that The Mighty Ducks 2 was the best movie ever.
  • 4. When Rory kissed Dean for the first time when they got back together, PJ Harvey’s ‘One Line’ (“Do you remember the first kiss…stars shooting across the sky”) started up.
  • 5. Lorelei and Rory have an unbelieveable mother/daughter relationship, in that they’re best friends but it’s like, totally believeable.
  • 6. Lorelei’s dad plays Metallica in his car!
  • 7. According to Salon.com, the Gilmore Girls exist in a world where Al Gore is president. That’s pretty fucking cool. However whilst reading recaps, I discovered Lorelei making fun of Dubya to Christopher’s Republican parents, saying his features are far too small for his face. Tehehe.
  • 8. Seth from The OC will soon be on the show for a while. Later, he gets replaced by motherfucking SEBASTIAN BACH in the band. Dude, how fucking cool is that? So fucking cool.
  • 9. Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelei is like the total epitome of a MILF.
  • 10. Grant Lee Phillips plays the town troubadour. Now, Grant Lee Phillips is cool enough in himself, but the fact that the town actually HAS an official troubadour? And that he had to stand up in a town meeting and fight for his position? Fucking rock’n roll.
  • 11. Lorelei and her mother drink martinis all the time. This makes them the modern day equivilent of The Thin Man and his wife and everyone knows how cool they are.
  • 12. When Rory and Dean break up (and she gets all sentimental about a box of corn starch), the whole town gangs up on Dean. I wish I lived in Stars Hollow.
  • 13. When Lorelei is planning her wedding, she says she wants a dress just like Stephanie Seymour in that Guns’n Roses video.
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