Twenty Questions

I>Answers below please.

  • If I say that I don’t want to see Goldenhorse, do you think I could get a ticket to Pluto & Goodshirt for just $20?
  • Why do painkillers work so much better if you wash them down with wine?
  • At what stage are you allowed to smack your friends over the head for being stupid and/or bad?
  • Now that I’ve bought Firefly, what the hell am I going to do once the 5th season of Angel comes out and I’ve bought that too?
  • Why don’t more of you have hubris logins?
  • What do I have to do to make you like me enough to want to sign in?
  • What the hell did I do to V to make her dislike me so much?
  • Do I keep thinking that the disturbing large amount of red pohutakawa out my window is the leftover from a massacre because I am pouring buckets of blood at an alarming rate out of my front bottom?
  • Is there any worse term for a vagina than a ‘front bottom’ ?
  • What do you think the chances are that my two ex cow-orkers will actually have the office clean by the end of the day?
  • Why did I dream that I was attacked in a bathroom and nearly strangled to death by a naked man through a shower curtain?
  • How can I teach Sebastian that I’d much rather be woken up by a kiss on the nose than a bite on my toes?
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Whyever did I buy Confessions of An Heiress just now?
  • Does the fact that I used a book token for it make it any better?
  • Is the fact that I now own a Paris Hilton book more disturbing than the fact that I am seriously craving a pair of high heels for no good reason?
  • Still on an accessories tip, how the hell am I ever going to replace my lovely red studded handbag that I bought in a boutique in Melbourne for what seemed like a lot of money ($60 aussie) long before they were all over the House of G type shops, now that I’ve had it for four years and it’s getting ratty and also cuts me lots?
  • Should I switch to 027 and finally get myself a pxt capable phone?
  • Even if that means leaving the number I’ve had since it said “Bell South” on the phone?
  • Will it be the mean brake-slamming driver who will make me walk home in the rain on the bus today?

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