You know who else got spammed by the Germans? THE NAZIS.

This morning I have Joy Division turned up loud while I spend an hour deleting all this horrible spam. You know who else got spammed by the Germans? THE NAZIS.

Last night I went to meet one of my ex clients at her hotel, so I parked it in her garage real good. Of course we went out for drinks, so I taxied home, and promptly forgot that the car was in town, which meant when I woke up this morning very tiredly, I had to run down to the train station in the rain, and then bus&run up to Ghuznee St to pick up the car and high tail it in to work. Bleh. And then there’s the spam. Aaaaaaaargh.

The weekend was good. Did I mention that? I doubt that I did, since on Friday I was all busy writing my first entry for Wellingtonist and raving about Nick Cave so much that I didn’t even mention the work function that I went to beforehand (and I still won’t, except to say that why is it that the times when there’s free liquor are the same times that you shouldn’t drink too much (and I didn’t)?)

On Friday night Anji came around to watch Next Top Model and The O.C with me, and I gave her my TV and video player, but of course not my cables because that would be too logical. Instead I gave them to her on Sunday night when we had ludicrously cheap and good Thai food at umm Arayana’s House? It’s the place next to the Rialto, anyways,

On Saturday Karen and I went to The Food Show and hot damn that was a clever idea of mine. It was $15 to get in, and we were drunk less than an hour after arriving, pretty much, because of SO MANY FREE SAMPLES. We didn’t even try like, half the wine stalls, and we didn’t try all of the wines at any of the places. And there was so much chocolate, and so many cheeses, and processed meats. Yum. I was stupid and kept buying bottles and then having to carry them. We’d been walking for two hours and eating and drinking everything in sight before we stopped to look at a map and realised that we were only a quarter of the way around. Boy howdy good times were had. But then we had to walk back across that looooooooooooooooooooong wide exposed raised pathway back to the station, which is pretty much like the platform from the trainstation to Tokyo Disneyland (yes that’s right, you can walk from Wellington Station to Tokyo – if you know where to look. Suckers!), and my feet were so sore I was just about to crawl. I did take my shoes off, although it wasn’t especially warm. We took the train home so I could soak my feet, feed the cats and get changed, and then we cabbed it into town because I expected to meet up with screeds of my friends. Of course, one by one all said friends piked, although I guess they didn’t have much notice to begin with. That’s fine, because Karen and I went and had food on sticks and then had drinks at her house where we were joined by Anji.

In an attempt to show us when she’d had her hair dyed, Karen busted out her old scrapbooks. Now, my family (well, Mum and Anji and Karen anyway – I don’t have the patience for it. Plus I have a website) keep the most amazing scrapbooks – lots of photos, scraps of programmes, cards from restaurants, birthday cards and everything all in chronological order, all beautifully laid out. Mum kept one (well when I say one, I mean a dozen or more) for me until I moved to Auckland and then she said it was too hard to keep up. There were photos of me from sixth and seventh form, and I’d always thought I was just this total scruffy nightmare, but looking back, there’s a couple of photos that I look Totally Sassy in, despite – or maybe because of the baggy tshirt/long skirt / no inch of flesh except for my forearms showing. I had reaaaaaaaaaaaaally long hair, and Jackie O sunglasses – plus I was a lot skinnier. Not skinny in any way, of course, but _er_. There’s a photo I love which must have been from around March ’97, and it’s of me sitting on my couch at Bands in the Square, and I just have a big grin on my face, and I know that would have been because I was doing something that I loved, and attracting the good kind of attention for having a couch, and revelling in it. I really like that Joanna.

This Joanna’s sometimes okay, but she’s very slow and tired today because last night, as she mentioned, she went out for drinks with an old advertising client, and there was much much much gossiping about that whole little world, which was fascinating, and really good crackling in one of those great snugs at JJ Murphy’s, and FUCKING HUGE pints of Hefe at Bodega, and then two bottles of bubbly for $28 at Good Luck. Then there was dreaming that I’d been to Fiji with Kateb as planned, but it was like I went to sleep and when I woke up we’d already been and all I could remember of it was that I’d slept with one of her arch nemisises from high school (eww). It wasn’t all bad though because apparently I’d also won an iPod Shuffle and had given it to a cute boy that I’d met in real life recently, and he gave me a pash for it. Wahoo, rock the $200 pash!

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