Servicing You

Hi, I’d like to spend about a grand and a half with your store today. What’s that? You’d like to continue standing behind your counter? All three of you? Okay, I guess I’ll sit down on this big couch for a while. Boy, it is a comfy couch. I’d sure like to buy it. I wonder how I could go about doing that. Maybe you could tell me? Oh no, you’re still standing behind your counter. Okay. Maybe I’ll flounce on over to the fabric samples and flip through them for a while. In fact, why don’t I take them over to the couch and spread them out and stand back to admire them? And then go and get some more and try them too. Wow, that counter sure must be nice to stand behind. I guess I’ll park my fatass down. Boy, you’d think that crossing my legs like this would have got your attention…..

House update:
Two big purple couches ordered – finally. One washing machine purchased on trademe. I’m going over there tonight to talk about Storage Options. Oh joy.

Lunch update:
Raspberry coke tastes like cough syrup. It would be better with vodka in it. Then again, name me one drink that wouldn’t taste better with vodka in it. Wishbone risone pasta salad is still kickass, though I’d be curious to know what the supposed difference between orzo and risone is (Jimmy?). Vanity Fair is great, I would like a subscription.

Cat update:
Pixie, who has been hiding in Mum & Neil’s room most of the time lately, ventured out last night. Unfortunately, Sebastian wasn’t actually outside as I believed him to be, and so when he saw her and she ran for sanctuary he followed her back in before i could shut the door, and went and hid under the bed where I couldn’t reach him while Pixie sat and cried. He’s such a badass sometimes. He’s still my snugglewugglepoodlewoodle though and I will hate leaving him.

Holiday update:
Sarong hemmed. Three more sleeps!

Me update:
After having lunch with the Wellingtonist crew, I am feeling somewhat more pressure to write about Wellington. Of course though, since I’m a JOURNALLER rather than a blogger (motherfucker!), mine will be a long tale of woe and heartbreak and sanctuary. Naturally.

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