You down with OPP??? (Other People’s Plog… or is that PEOPLES’???? ) Hahahah,.. relevant!

Hi peeps. My name is Lisa and you can find my little interwebbed foot home at Ratpony. It’s a crap website.

Hah. Anyways, so like I’m at Jo’s right now with Jo and Shirley.. we’re all incredibly drunk. Jo just witnessed me huffing nail polish remover and then tossing the bottle with numb fingers behind the couch and then giggling sanely… and uh she said “You should write a Hubris entry” and I was all YEAH BITCH. So take it all.

We’ve been drinking the leftover booze from the party last weekend. We used Timtams as straws to drink minty or caramelly cocktails and then ate the delicious booze-infused biscuits. It’s been a good night.

We started out watching Bart and Smoo play some gay soccer game on PS2. So gay. Then they left and we stayed behind and talked ABOUT THEM. Yes that’s right.

I am rubber faced. I can’t feel anything. Hahahah. I keep laughing like Muttley from that show… with Dick Dastardly… or precious pup. HEY! Remember Shirt Tales? Kip! Bogey! Great cartoon.

Anyways, I really have nothing to say of great value. Jo has a lot of groupies… I’ve been with her when she’s been approached. Where are my fucking groupies?”??? Is it because I’m boring?? Is it because of my big ears children? EH?

We love Justim Timberlake. And the Bloc Party. And the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And Sebastian. And Bart Smoo and Blair. And me. And Jo . And Shirley… who has recently moved to Wellington which I am excited about because she is awesome. I tend to like all Jo’s mates. She has WAY better friends than I ever had.

So. Do you like stuff?

Uh…. I can’ tfocus. I’m going to wrtite this next senticen without looking at the keyboard! hEY HOW DID i DO? i AM awesomese!!!!


Bye for now eh. Eh? CANADA EH?!?!?!

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