Haha, I tricked you. Well, sort of. My list of things to do today (well, okay, yesterday since it’s 2.22am now) consisted of “change the lightbulb in my room” and I did that. I also found some whitetac and put up some more Frankie posters, purchased a mask for Anna Jane’s masquerade flatwarming on Friday, and also some accessories for Tom’s #madbad party later in August.

I also had amazing gnocchi at Baobob, great homemade pizza at Lisa Fur’s, and some of the ‘Welcome Home El’ cake that I made. More tasty things in my mouth. Oh, and I had the joy of disposing of what Sebastian wanted to eat – a rat he brought in the window at 4am and was eating under my bed. I picked it up through a plastic bag, but it was warm, and may have squirmed, and I panicked and threw it out the window. Had the rat still been alive, that would have been probably the most humane thing to do anyway. Yucky.

A much more pleasant thing that happened to me this week was on Saturday when I was at Anna Jane’s she decided that she was going to give me a foot rub, and so while she was doing that I said to Phillip “you can give me a scalp massage while she’s doing that” and he actually did. I felt like a pampered princess making ‘o’ faces fit for a tabloid magazine.

And speaking of pleasant things, after she had watch me paint over dolphins (long story) tonight, Lisa and I watched Singles for like, the millionth time. I’m still in love with Campbell Scott, even if he does resemble Campbell Smith, minus the chambray shirt. I miss Jessie. Just as well that she, like KateH, are making home visits sometime this year then, huh?

Okay, so here are the things that I want to do tomorrow:

  1. Decide what I’m cooking for dinner, and go to Moore Wilson’s to purchase ingredients.
  2. Go to the Warehouse to look for part of my madbad costume
  3. Finish the thing I was painting tonight
  4. Do two loads of laundry if it’s sunny
  5. Tidy my bedroom a little.
  6. Cook, mull wine, enjoy the company of my friends.

That’s all achieveable too, right? Right?

3 responses to “Achievments!”

  1. Hang on, you miss ME too, right?


  2. All of that is perfectly achievable, and I tells you right now tis going to rain so it will not be sunny for long.

    You could swap number 4 for ‘getting a full back massage from Anna’. I need to practice arms, hands, legs and feet more, but you can choose where I concentrate (within reason ;D ). Wish I had my table already but also it wouldn’t be fun to bring on the bus.


  3. KateH: I thought that went without saying.

    Anna Jane: why would I need to be dirty when really I want arm concentration?


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