Biting social commentary

This post will be written very quickly while I wait for my flatmate to vacate the bathroom or the kitchen or whatever it is that he’s banging around in.

Things that I have been up to lately have included achieving all the things that I set out to achieve in my last journal entry. I also bought some new jeans. Excitement. I’ll write about them on PPP sometime soon. Posting to PPP is tomorrow’s ambition.

Yesterday Anna-Jane came over, and commanded me to take off my top and bra. Then she rubbed me up and down with passionfruit oil. It felt gooooooood. In exchange, I gave her a teapot and cooked her dinner – mountains of fresh salsa, guacamole, yellow rice, roast pumpkin and quesadillas with black beans, corn & zuchini in gluten-free wraps I had to go to Common Sense Organics for as a courtesy to her and Phillip.  I am the bombdiggity cook, for serious. We also drank an awful lot of mulled wine and did some gossiping.

Today I went and picked up Lisa in Newlands and we went out to Wanda Harland in Petone to meet up with Martha and have brunch at Go Bang. I wanted to buy every single thing in the shop. I met Lucy for the first time and got to have a cuddle, and my ovaries went ping ping ping. Then because it was such nice weather and we had a new early ’00s mix cd to listen to, we drove out to Eastbourne, then went and watched Almost Famous at her house, continuing the trend we’d started with Singles on Monday.

I came up with the hilarious title for this post because I wanted to talk about the commentators on Dooce telling her that her bathroom tiling was ugly, and also the amusing comments I’ve read on sites that I hate but read anyway about insecure girls who pretend to be things that they really don’t seem to be living off trust funds, but really, I need to pee and watch ‘Hush’ so I don’t think I can be bothered getting into all of that. Instead I will say that it’s Karen’s birthday tomorrow, hurrah, and so we’re going to Roxy for dinner. Before that Miss Fur and I are going to go to the zoo, if it’s sunny! Excitement. Not that I can afford it at all, but hey, that’s what credit cards are for, right? And so I’ll sign off and ask you to leave me a comment telling me what you want me to write about in the next post. Cheers!

5 responses to “Biting social commentary”

  1. Write about me!

    I can guarantee that if you come up here and spend a day (or maybe two, the cuteness factor should wear off by then) with my snotty children your ovaries will stop pinging pretty damn quick.

    Have fun at the zoo!


  2. well obviously you should write about the red pandas you see tomorrow
    or today

    and i think august is some special discount month at the zoo, plus zoos are educational and also walking around the zoo is healthy. so really going to the zoo is the most responsible thing you can do.

    i told myself this when last year i went to the zoo every day for 5 days


  3. You must watch Say Anything next!

    Also, passionfruit oil!


  4. I do have Say Anything – because I AM AWESOME. I hope the animals are more… uh.. awake than the last time I went to the zoo with my slice of Canadian bacon, Jess.


  5. ooo and you can start counting Jeremy piven bits
    and eric stoltz cameos


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