Shake it off

Jo wrote me a list last week because she decided to turn Hubris into clickbait. I guess at least that would mean I’d keep my New Year’s resolution to keep Hubris updated a little bit better than I have been. Lord knows I’ve hardly stopped taking taxis to work, and I haven’t been very good at dancing every week, though I did have possibly the best dance of my life to ‘Shake it off’ in my red ruffled panties with a friend over Easter in a context I flatout can’t explain. So I won’t.

Right now I am constantly checking the countdown clock until I go to Melbourne on May 1 to reunite with Jo and Kini in our #bestgirls reunion (another New Year’s resolution). I’m also watching the clock on April 24 too, as that will be my last day in my current job before I make the leap to another public servant role.  It will be within easy strolling distance of my house and it will be more money too, even though it will mean doing timesheets and contracting and all that crap. But I’ll be working with a woman who I met on twitter, and she’ll work me to the bone and I really look forward to that.

In other areas of life my cats still aren’t friends and I appreciate that it’s been nearly three years so maybe I should give up hoping to ever find them cuddled up together, but on the other hand, I’ll never give up the dream. Sebastian has learned to use the stairs Bambi gave me for Xmas in order to get up on my bed with his limpy limpy leg, and that makes me very happy. Not the limping part, of course. Because that is horrible and breaks my heart every time I see him, but all we can do about it is ply him with painkillers and ulcer-preventing medicine.

In other pussy news, Pashfriend and I have been seeing each other for over four months now, and frankly, she is actually just the best. The other week we were at the Wellington Wine & Food festival and Anji was there with Bambi, and Karen was there with Tom, and my parents were there, and it was like a family of eight of us and that is the first time that’s ever happened and it was bloody lovely. And then there were literal fireworks and oh, I am just a girl with hearts for eyes when she is around. It has taken me by surprise somewhat, because I had never really thought I would be a poly kind of person, but this way I have someone who cares about me and who I get to care about, but I don’t have to be afraid of losing my heart because I can’t go ALL IN when she already has a husband and a family, and also I am free to engage in whatever impromptu orgies fall at my feet. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get sulky and pass-agg about not getting to spend enough time with her, but I’m a jerk so that’s to be expected.

Because I have a tendency to self-sabotage, I’m trying to remind myself that I do actually deserve good things, and sometimes life actually can work out good. I’ll let you know how that goes. Oh! And in other very important news, you need to keep July 25 free, because I am having the SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY OF HUBRIS on that day. The theme is “Your favourite Joanna story” so start thinking about your costumes now. You’re invited.

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  2. I am so already 100% decided on my coooostuuuume


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