Women who are good

I’ve been sick all week, chunks of my brain flying out of my nose and throat all swollen up like someone full of pride, and that’s not a lot of fun, and it’s not particularly inspiring. I’ve been so sick I DIDN’T EVEN FEEL LIKE MAKING OUT last night when Pashfriend was over. That is SICK. So obviously, writing about staying in bed with cats fighting for pole position on my legs is not very interesting, even if four episodes of Game of Thrones mysteriously showed up to keep me company, so instead, let me publish a list. The amazing Tash from Webstock contacted me recently and said she was doing a project on women of influence, and asked me who mine were. Here’s what I wrote.


Amy Poehler

How fantastic to use her platform as a comedian to be so so fiercely feminist. She’s aware of her own privilege in being pretty and white, and yet she still works to do great things for others – see Smart Girls At the Party for her excellent web series for young girls. And let’s talk about Lesley Knope! Parks and Recreation is fucking hilarious AND it’s about actual NICE people who support each other and achieve things. As a person who works in the public service sometimes, Lesley Knope is my role model, even though her patience and resiliance is something I will never ever ever have.

Shelley Bernstein

Shelley is one of my favourite Webstock speakers because I love the work she does in trying to open up a magnificent resource like the Brooklyn Museum to the community in which it is based. She’s so passionate about what she does, and she acknowledges the work of the people she works with, AND she has the greater good in mind. Umf!

Lindy West, Mallory Oldberg

Hilarious writers, strong feminists. I wish I could blog for a living.

New Zealanders

Anna Dean

Her life just seems so damn interesting! And her promotions that she does are so outside of the box and fabulous. She knows everyone and gets things done. Mega envious.

Marianne Elliot

Her life, what is it even? Such a gracious lady, who has done so much important work. I’d be full of admiration for her for La Boca Loca alone as its place in the community and that they’re paying a Living Wage, but then you add in all her lawyering in Afghanistan and woah.

Courtney Peters at Gather & Hunt

I wish I was Courtney running this beautiful website about places to eat and making a living out of it.

Tash 2.0 and Martha

Boss-as business women doing things their way.

Natasha Lampard

You should have seen this coming. You have the ability to make each and every person feel special when they interact with you, and that is a very special power. Whenever I am struggling with writing something that matters, I ask myself “how would Tash write it?” Your dedication and attention to detail is second to none.  The amazing thing you and Mike have done with Webstock, it is a privilege just knowing you.

Hmmm, you know, all of these women are very very cool, but they’re all very white as well. I need to find more POC role models… 

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